Albert Pujols Quotes

In this section, we put together a selection of quotes and comments made by the great Albert Pujols himself.

ďA lot of people said I could be a good player. I just wanted the opportunity to show it. I just let it happen.Ē

ďI donít know why people say Iím not supposed to be doing what Iím doing. Iím just trying to do my job. Iím blessed, and Iím glad that Iím blessed.Ē

ďI donít think thereís anything out there I can be afraid of.Ē

"If I need to help my team and play a different position for that game because somebody is hurt or they want to give a day off to somebody, I'll do it."

"I know I'm good when I'm hitting the ball the other way ó that's Albert Pujols."

ďIím a really smart player. If you tell me something, I get it quickly. If there is something wrong with my hitting, tell me whatís wrong and Iíll pick it up right away. Thatís the best thing I have going for me, my ability to listen to a coach and fix what Iím doing wrong.Ē

"I'm a teammate guy, so whatever I can do to help my team to win like I have the past two years, that's what I want to do. If it takes for me to play first base, third base, right field, I just want to win the game."

ďIn my heart and mind, I know I can hit anybody. Iím always relaxed. Itís hard to explain. Itís like playing with my kids. It feels natural.Ē

"I thought about it a lot (losing the 2002 NLCS). It's something you have to go home and wrap it up because if you keep thinking about it, you're going to take that to Spring Training and you're not going to be able to concentrate on your work."

ďI try to spend as much time as possible with God and my family. Thatís more important than anything Iím doing in baseball.Ē

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